New York Governor Kathy Hochul delivered her 2023 state of the state address on Tuesday, sharing her plan to make New York a better place. Among many issues, Hochul touched on strengthening mental health care, drugs and overdose troubles. She also shared a strategy for promoting equity and social justice in the NY cannabis space.

Hochul said mental health care should be available to everyone, no matter the age or the problem.

“So whether we’re talking about a child with behavioral challenges, or an adult suffering from depression no one should go without a screening or a doctor’s appointment or counseling,” she said. “And cost should never be a barrier.”

“That includes care for those suffering from addiction, especially those struggling with opioids,” Hochul continued adding that her family also experienced the pain of losing a loved one. 

“That’s why we will do more, working with federal and local partners, to stop the flow of illicit drugs into our communities and address new deadly additives like xylazine. We’ll send resources to localities that are working to shut down fentanyl suppliers.” Xylazine is a sedative found in illicit opioids.

Hochul said that the state will continue to develop and make available technology that can detect deadly additives before they are used. She said the state …

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