Flowhub, a cannabis software company for dispensaries, launched Maui, a new product offering underpinned by over 8 years of national industry expertise. Maui is a flexible, and performant solution focused on helping cannabis retailers increase profits and operate more efficiently. Based on benchmark data from live customers, the platform's brand new backend architecture is more than 20x faster than Flowhub's legacy application, allowing dispensaries to accelerate growth and increase transaction volume.

Flowhub Maui is an open, configurable system that allows businesses to integrate a custom tech stack on their choice of hardware, whether that's iPads, Macs, or PCs. Dispensaries can set up their stores to match a growing diversity of retail environments and feel confident in the ownership, security, and accuracy of their data. This flexibility is essential for dispensaries to build competitive brands and execute frictionless operations.

Notable benefits of Maui include:

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