U.S. Marine veteran Trevor Reed said the conditions Brittney Griner and former Marine Paul Whelan are being kept in are most likely "terrible" based on his own experience. He said his time in Russian detainment was really bad.

"The cells there are, you know, extremely dirty," he told "CBS Mornings" on Tuesday. "Food there is, you know, really bad. A lot of times the food there is rotten."

In 2020, Reed was charged with committing violence against Russian officers in a drunken brawl in Moscow the year prior. After serving three years in detention, Reed was released in April in exchange for Russian national Konstantin Yaroshenko, who’d been held in the U.S.. on drug smuggling charges.

"Hang In There," Reed Says: There's A Lot Of Waiting

Reed told CBS that he’s gained back the weight he …

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