Merger and acquisition activity in the cannabis space has accelerated in 2022 and looks poised to continue to pick up with markets trending lower on continued inflation concerns.

Several cannabis executives discussed potential opportunities Tuesday at Benzinga's Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago.

"There's a lot of excitement right now in Europe because of this potential for Germany to legalize adult-use cannabis," Akanda Corp (NASDAQ: AKAN) CEO Tej Verk said. 

The European Market: Europe is primarily a medical cannabis market and Germany is the leader in imports with 25 tonnes per annum, he said. 

"This could skyrocket to anywhere between 300 to 500 tonnes of demand," Verk said. 

The problem is that there aren't a lot of M&A opportunities in Europe, he added.

Lyphe Group co-founder and CEO Jonathan Nadler jumped into the discussion, noting that all of the top medical cannabis companies in Europe are only earning between $10 million and $15 million …

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