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Next-Generation Psychedelics: The Case Of MEAI And Its Potential To Treat Addiction

Next-Generation Psychedelics, MEAI – How And Why, An Israeli Scientist Explains

MEAI is a potent synthetic molecule essentially developed in the form of a powder. 

Nonetheless, for its Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) study, developer Clearmind Medicine (NASDAQ: CMND) will create a hard-gel capsule so that the clinical trial participants can self-administer the psychedelic. 

For the alcohol substitution product, the company is aiming to make MEAI take the shape of a beverage.

Several doses were tested in the preclinical stage so far. “We started from something relatively low -yet what we found to be effective in the other animal studies that we had already performed- and we went up to three times higher …

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