(This is part two of a four-part series)

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A compound developed by Israeli psychedelics company Clearmind Medicine (NASDAQ: CMND) would act by providing a similar feeling to that which drinking alcohol produces. 

“It gives you the sensation not only that you’ve had enough but also you don’t want to have any more drinks, while also giving a very warm, very controlled sociable sensation,” says CEO Dr. Adi Zuloff-Shani.

Clearmind has already concluded several preclinical studies on MEAI, which can be divided into two: pre-IND enabling studies required by the FDA to move on to human trials and “discovery” studies. 

Both types were done in a dose-dependent manner. When the dose was changed, no serious adverse events associated with MEAI were registered.

“So again, if safety is the major reason for developing this 2.0 generation, MEAI certainly ticks this box,” Zuloff-Shani says.

The compound has already been tested for several addictions, from cocaine use disorder where MEAI’s effects were encouraging considering there is no effective treatment for this, and obesity and metabolic disorders.

The first indication Clearmind is pursuing for …

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