Finding a software system off the shelf to keep things organized in cannabis can help businesses survive the current market.

Cannabis software platforms must be intuitive and flexible enough to adapt to different regulatory environments while complying with international standards and encompassing the entire supply chain.

Indeed, systems have to be able to adapt to the unthinkable. All of these conditions for software are not arbitrary, but rather, conditional to simplify production processes, saving time, and money while avoiding mistakes along the way.

Fortunately for cannabis companies, a few software companies are already assembling solutions of this type. To put it simply, everything starts with a scanner.

“Our scan helps log absolutely everything that happens. If a leaf falls off, that weight automatically gets transferred into the application. Because we connect the scales, printers, and scan guns and sensors altogether,” said Andrew Wilson founder & CEO of GrowerIQ, a leading cannabis management platform and cannabis cultivation software for high-quality producers.

Wilson told Benzinga in an exclusive interview that the platform has modules for every team in the facility, whether cultivation, sales, processing, manufacturing, inventory or quality teams.

“Most service providers in our space, forget about the quality side or have to use platforms that were designed for pharmaceuticals. You have to piece all of that together. Oftentimes some of the bigger groups would have their own I.T. department. They're 50% cannabis company and 50% software developers," Wilson said. “In terms of analysis, it allows us to then build a base, a data set, in our view, the most comprehensive data set in the business. We can predict yields for example.”

The Value Of Cannabis Compliance

Governments around the world want to track everything. From cultivation, to manufacture and retail, this task can be costly. But what if instead of a cost, we look at compliance as value added to our cannabis products and services?

And, yes, you guessed right: a software platform like Grower IQ can help.

“We have various functions where you can A/B-test your batches, our system allows you to set the dates …

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