Dr. Pierre Debs, Ph.D., the founder of Chain Pharmaceuticals GmbH is launching a new phytocannabinoid drug discovery platform that will leverage machine learning and real-world medical data in the development of clinically proven plant-based medicines for market authorization. Debs has over twenty years of experience in stem cell research and opened the European market, in particular Germany, for import and distribution licenses for Canadian cannabis flowers.

The idea behind Chain Pharmaceuticals was to create a unique platform and procedure to help accelerate the process of design and execution of clinical trials for cannabis-based molecules, without waiting 10 years and at enormous cost. It achieves this by bringing together pharmaceutical, medical, marijuana, and digital experts.

“Our core energies are focused on bringing plant-based pharmaceutical products to the market in an expedited time frame with higher efficiencies, less up-front costs, longer-term equitable returns, …

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