There are many cannabis brands out there, but how many have the flavor, intensity, spice, and passion of Latino culture? Meet HUMO, (smoke in English), a cannabis brand born from a collaboration between Susie Placencia, Latina activist and entrepreneur, and POSIBL, a Salinas-based cannabis powerhouse.

In this exclusive conversation with Benzinga, Placencia shares her thoughts on Latino communities, the relationship between women and marijuana and how to run an efficient cannabis brand.

Susie Placencia's story could be that of many Latino entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Role Model

Plascencia is committed to providing meaningful representation in an industry that has caused disproportionate harm to Latinos, which translates into obstacles to joining the industry. In addition, says Plascencia, there are family pressures and gender-based expectations for women resulting in a lack of confidence, which she believes can be overcome through education and work.

Placencia is a graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California where she holds a Master's degree in Journalism and a BA in Public Relations. After working as a budtender in California for several years, she co-founded MOTA Glass, a leading brand of US-made functional glass.

In 2020, Merry Jane Media named Plascencia a top “cannabis power player.” In 2022, Marijuana Venture magazine included her in their 40 Under 40 rising stars in the industry.


Could You Build A Cannabis Brand? Yes, It's POSIBL

Fortunately, along her path, Plascencia found resourceful partners. Jesús Burrola, CEO of POSIBL, an innovative cannabis farm and engine of several major California brands. He asked her to collaborate with HUMO.

"You have to make sure that you are creating an environment where your potential partners come to you," she noted, adding that she made sure to choose companies that matched her values. And that's how she found POSIBL.

“By la Raza, pa’ la Raza.” That …

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