Jon Levine, president of Marimed Inc., Brett Novey, CEO of Pharmacann and Andrew Thut, CIO of 4Front Ventures, operators in the Midwest and across the country, joined Barbara Webb, partner of MGO, and Steve Miles, CEO of Sharp Capital Advisors in a panel at Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago to discuss strategies for growing in the emergent state markets of the midwest.

4Front Ventures in Illinois: An Opportunity To Grow

Thut explained that the operating thesis of 4Front remains focused on low-cost scale production. He explained how the company built its business by becoming the number one edible producer in WA, thanks to its "low-cost production SOPs" (Standard Operational Procedures).

Recently, 4Front opened the largest cannabis processing facility in California (175,000 sq. feet) and will open a similar facility in Illinois in H12023.

“We think the sweet spot in the value chain is being a wholesaler of products. We are building 40,000 sq. feet of a canopy, (…) we are excited to take brand market share leaders in other states and bring them to Illinois. With the new facilities and retail, we think we have the opportunity to go up six-fold in …

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