The struggle of professional athletes with opioid addiction is no secret, and many are now turning to cannabis as a potential alternative to painkillers. A few years ago, a cover piece for Playboy titled "8 Former NFL Players Share Their Thoughts on Cannabis" aimed to raise awareness and stimulate change. However, progress has been slow since then. That said, some pro sports leagues now allow athletes to use CBD for medicinal purposes.

Athletes for Care, a non-profit organization, focuses on helping ex-athletes overcome opioid addiction. Member Eben Britton, a former NFL offensive lineman, envisions a future where athletes have easy access to high-quality cannabis education and products. "Part of my vision with Athletes for Care was to create a channel for athletes to have premium access to high-quality cannabis education and products from medical professionals who can provide expert guidance based on each individual's unique needs," he said in an exclusive interview.

Current research suggests that CBD could be an effective treatment for substance addiction. A study from the Scripps Research Institute found that rats treated with CBD were less likely to relapse or exhibit stress-induced drug-seeking behavior than those who were not given CBD. Dr. Bonni Goldstein, a cannabis-focused medical doctor, explains that "cannabis breaks …

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