BioHarvest Sciences (OTCQB: CNVCFhas partnered with Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals, one of only seven Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) bulk manufacturing registration holders to grow marijuana in the United States. 

Under this partnership, Bioharvest will be allowed to sell its cannabis products to research institutions and other DEA-registered entities in the United States federally. The collaboration also opens the door to advancing cannabis research initiatives through cannabinoid compositions not found in nature. 

The news comes on the heels of BioHarvest’s announcement that it could produce unique compositions based on a CBD hemp plant that dramatically increase cannabinoid concentrations (by weight) versus the original plant – 83 times higher THC levels

Via this new multi-year deal, BioHarvest will be REP’s exclusive provider of cannabis that is produced from non-traditional cultivation methods for scientific, medical, and research …

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