Cannabis investors, industry stakeholders and activists are gearing up to embrace new cannabis opportunities on the horizon, with several European countries on the cusp of legalizing either recreational or medical marijuana.

Let's scroll through recent market highlights and regulatory changes:

German Marijuana Legalization Plans Delayed

With delays in submitting a draft law to legalize recreational cannabis to the European Commission, German plans to enact the policy reform may be pushed further into 2025.

In October, on the heels of the leaked measure, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach presented a plan to Chancellor Olaf Scholz's cabinet, calling it "the most liberal legalization of cannabis in Europe," which will result in "the most regulated market" in the EU.

The German officials intend to tackle the cannabis illicit market, which seems to be substantial considering there are roughly 4 million adults who use marijuana nationwide, according to a survey presented by Lauterbach.

That initiative would legalize possession of "a maximum of 20 to 30 grams" for people 18 and older and also increase the number of homegrown plants to three from two. Probably the most striking difference is that there will be no cap …

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