As billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson race for space, who will be the leaders in the nascent cannabis industry as it vaults to astronomical heights?

Operators in various parts of the cannabis industry offered Benzinga their takes. Providing various responses, most focused less on the people and more so the brands and companies that could be headed to the moon, of sorts.

Predicting The Shape Of The Cannabis Space Race In Its Early Stages

The cannabis space race is in its earliest days, providing no clear answers at this time. The uncertainty leaves room for ample speculation and hypothesizing.

Olivia Alexander, CEO of online global cannabis boutique Kush Queen, compared the industry to the dot com bubble.

"At this stage, the industry is so young with so much room for innovation and expansion it is very hard to say how many players are going to remain once the market begins to mature and fully develop on a federal level," Alexander stated.

Marco Eadie, managing director at consulting firm O'Keefe, said that well-capitalized companies would have an advantage over smaller players. "Larger companies will be much more strategic in deploying their capital," he said. Eadie added that market variables, such as state-by-state licensing and capital access, will hinder companies.

Alexander …

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