Connecticut's legal adult-use cannabis market is officially rolling out on Tuesday, Jan. 10 around 10 a.m.

As a total of seven retailers are getting ready to open, state officials are worried about the impact the move might have on children.

Officials Worried About Health Impacts

New Heaven city leaders stressed the importance of keeping children safe and responsible use of marijuana.

To tackle the issue, they've launched a campaign for young people saying there's nothing recreational about cannabis, urging adults to lock it, label it and limit it in their homes, reported NBC Connecticut.

Cases of middle school students ending up in the hospital after getting sick from eating cannabis-infused edibles were reported last year in the New Haven Public Schools (NHPS) district and following the legalization of recreational use in 2021.

Karl Jacobson, who was sworn in as the New Haven Police Department's new police chief in July, warned about potential criminal consequences.

"The potential criminal consequence is a risk to injury, which is a felony," Jacobson said, adding, "we have seen charges like that where it wasn't locked up and it was accessible to people under age."

Unfortunately, a growing number of children are accidentally consuming marijuana-infused foods nationwide.

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