Minnesota Catholic School Teacher Accused Of Smoking Weed With His Students 

Imagine having a teacher who not only smokes pot but is cool enough to share it with you, the student. While this might sound super cool from a teenager's POV, to adults it is quite an outrage.

That’s why a teacher at Cathedral High School in New Ulm is facing criminal charges over claims that he’s been smoking weed with several students

What happened?

Brady Paul Waibel, 32, was charged in Brown County court with fifth-degree felony possession of cannabis and three gross misdemeanors of supporting a child’s wrongdoing, reported Fox 9. 

Per the report, a priest with the New Ulm Diocese went to the police last week, after a school administrator told him what was going on. Allegedly, out of four students who were sharing marijuana with their teacher, three were minors and one was over 18.

The court document reveals Waibel had smoked with the students at his home several times, and that he “always provided the marijuana free of charge.” When the police searched Waibel’s house they found marijuana, a grinder, a bong and cannabis wax.

The teacher was quickly arrested and later released on $10,000 bail. He's expected to appear in court on Feb 14. And, of course, he's fired from his job. 

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