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You've put two months of effort into cultivating the perfect harvest. You've chopped your tree and the flowers are drying. As you look over your haul, two questions nag at the back of your mind,”is there a way to store weed to keep it fresh as long as possible?” and "How am I going to smoke this all before it goes bad." Sadly, cannabis has a shelf life. Leave it too long and it will become dry and hard to smoke, lose potency or worst of all, grow toxic mold. We're here to run down the dos and don'ts of high-quality cannabis storage.

1. DO'S


Mildew and mold are your enemies in this fight. Mold can start growing on marijuana cannabis before they've even been harvested. The sticky, irregular surface of a nug is the perfect spot for spores to wait for the proper conditions before covering your weed in a gross net of moldy cobwebs. Do not give them a chance, and store weed properly, preferably in glass jars as they’re a great way to store flowers. Wherever you store your weed, ensure the humidity stays below 65%. However, dry air will make those sticky trichomes brittle, so ensure you mantain humidity above 59% for optimal storage.


Cannabinoids does not like light, and placing your flowers out in direct sunlight is an easy way to ensure your hard-won THC content degrades into a couch-locking, sleepy CBN. It's probably OK to leave your cannabis on a shady sheld, but you must ensure it's never exposed to direct sunlight at any point in the day. Sunlight contains ultra-violet radiation, the same kind that gives humans sunburns and skin cancer, which destroys THC, essential oils, and more. Anything that makes weed worth smoking is destroyed under the direct light of the sun, so having a cool dark storage place is super important.

How to store cannabis: do's

Trichomes will degrade so make sure to keep your flowers in the right conditions!


Fungi love humidity, but they also love the heat. A warm storage spot is the perfect breeding ground for toxic fungus you do NOT want to smoke. Play it safe and mantain your flowers at a temperature below 77° Fahrenheit or 25° Celsius. Any higher and you risk virulent mold eating your harvest. This may be difficult during the summer if you live in a warm climate and do not have air conditioning, but keeping your buds away from direct sunlight also helps mantain them cool.


We need oxygen to live, and because of that, we forget one fundamental fact, oxygen is a corrosive gas that eventually destroys all it touches, and cannabinoids are no exception. Keeping your flowers away from the air in correct storage is an …

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