Thailand: Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul On Cannabis As A Narcotic Plant

Recently, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul criticized the proposal to re-list some parts of the cannabis plant as a narcotic saying there is no evidence of marijuana misuse under existing laws.

Citing the lack of control to prevent recreational cannabis use and abuse by children and minors, '1,363 doctors' signed a petition on asking the government to scrap the policy decriminalizing marijuana use and possession. Charnvirakul made the comment in response to this request.

The minister pointed out that current rules on cannabis consumption are established taking into account medicinal users, reported Bangkok Post.

"The law doesn't support other uses beyond [medical use]. There are rules which prevent cannabis smoking in public, and sales are restricted to individuals over the age of 20," Charnvirakul said. "Re-listing cannabis [as a narcotic] is ridiculous, and we won't do it because we have come so far. We haven't seen any negative impact that is beyond our control."

In May, after Charnvirakul gave away a million marijuana plants as a sign of goodwill, the opposition criticized him, arguing that he caused social problems and violated local and international laws by decriminalizing marijuana without proper control.

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