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Pregnancy-related nausea is one of the most common experiences among expectant mothers.

Around half of expecting mothers experience it. The nausea can strike any time: day or night, and for some, it can last the whole day long. It varies in severity; some people only have mild nausea while for other women, it can be debilitating – so much so, that they can even lose their appetite.

In the medical world, this is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and is usually treated with any of several conventional pharmaceutical drugs. However, many of these drugs don’t work for women. When pregnant women are unable to eat due to severe nausea, this can have serious and fatal implications: low birth weight in infants, miscarriage, dehydration, encelopathy, and depression are among the many risks.

New research has found that cannabis actually works better than prescription drugs when it comes to treating Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles together with researchers from Oregon’s Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation polled 550 people who experienced nausea while pregnant. The results showed that 96% of respondents said they used anti-emetic medications while 14% said they used marijuana. A majority of those who did use marijuana reported that they did so because the anti-emetics were not effective in treating this condition.

Additionally, 82% of those who used marijuana said they were able to find relief and it was effective in helping them gain weight. “This study adds to the growing literature supporting antiemetic properties of cannabis and cannabinoid compounds while also suggesting their potential to treat HG… A minority of respondents in this survey reported using cannabis for HG; however, those who used cannabis or CBPs [cannabis-based products] reported more …

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