NY Recreational Marijuana Is Legal But…

In Schenectady, NY, a proposed revision of the municipal code could prohibit adult-use cannabis users smoke and vaping weed in the city parks.

The city seeks to modify the code to "again make the parks smoke-free and just have the code reflect the changes in society,” said Mayor Gary McCarthy. “The proposal is to update the code to reflect changes in people’s habits.”

However, the public will have an opportunity to weigh in on the proposal, per a local media outlet.

VA Accused Of Withholding Medical Marijuana Research?

A bipartisan bill was recently introduced to direct the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to conduct “studies on the therapeutic potential of marijuana for military veterans with certain conditions."

Sponsored by Reps. Lou Correa (D-CA) and Jack Bergman (R-MI) the measure seeks VA would conduct studies that explore the effects of cannabis for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain.

However, members of Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), who support medical marijuana research, criticized the VA for “dragging their feet” on the issue, per …

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