Cannabis groups and legislators pushing for policy reform have tried and failed to legalize marijuana for recreational adult use in Florida, but the most recently filed, industry-backed campaign is pawing its way toward the 2024 ballot box.

A measure filed this past summer by Smart & Safe Florida political committee proposing a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana has garnered over 420,000 valid signatures to date, representing a striking increase from the 294,037 signatures submitted only a month ago, on February 2, according to the state Division of Elections website.

The measure, which seeks to allow already-existing medical marijuana (MMJ) companies to begin selling recreational cannabis needed at least 222,898 signatures to get revived by a state Supreme Court,  a milestone it reached in January, Green Market Report writes.

The State Supreme Court is still in the process of reviewing the wording of the proposition to ensure that it includes just this one issue and does not mislead voters. If the …

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