The cannabis space is changing. Across the country, states are passing legislation that either substantially decriminalizes marijuana or makes it fully legal, and cannabis has therefore never been easier to access. For this reason, cannabis retailers and brands are changing how they approach their target markets – and those target markets are changing, too. It might mean that investors should change how they view the industry, as well. 

These changing attitudes have more subtle consequences. Because cannabis is more accessible, more people are exposed to it, which means the old stigmas and stereotypes are gradually dying off. Hippie regalia and incense-filled rooms worked fine as marketing tools when the only customers of the industry were hardcore stoners, but as cannabis grows in popularity among programmers, doctors, lawyers, soccer moms, and everyone else, a more modern approach becomes appropriate. Education has also improved dramatically; though many still think of cannabis as a psychedelic and don’t realize its range of medical benefits, that is beginning to change.  

Shifting regulatory tides and broader markets are ushering in a new era for cannabis businesses–with accessibility encouraging growth and ultimately leading to change. Business outside of the cannabis industry, such as equipment suppliers, have found success in pivoting toward grow operations and dispensaries. Legalization, it is clear, has broadened the market beyond the plant itself. 

This is cannabis, redefined – and refined. 

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