Nirvana Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: NIRV) announced that it has engineered a method that reduces the manufacturing time of MDMA by two thirds.

The 3-step synthesis starts from the MDMA precursor safrole and takes only 24 hours to complete depending on which reduction method of the ketone to the secondary amine is being used, while current production methods, using iso-safrole as an intermediate, take almost three times as much time. 

In view of this discovery, the company has already filed a patent application with the US Patent Office.

Nirvana’s lead chemist and head of innovation, Robert August successfully crystallized a novel form of MDMA with increased bioavailability and efficacy: MDMA HCl Monohydrate.

"Bringing this synthesis route and the monohydrate variant forward for research is an important development. Not only will …

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