Alberta-based ATMA Journey Centers Inc. has received Health Canada’s approval to move forward with its N500 Phase II psilocybin clinical study investigating the potential relief of COVID-19-associated mental health challenges in frontline healthcare professionals while documenting their firsthand evaluation.

ATMA’s R&D is focused on advancing a therapist-centered and therapist-driven business model for the psychedelic industry, offering education, training, clinical trials and business support to mental healthcare professionals wishing to adopt psychedelic-assisted therapy as part of their services.

"Health Canada has stated the path forward for psychedelic medicine is through clinical trials," CSO Dr. Michael Blough explained. "ATMA's clinical trial platform aims to provide policymakers with the real-world data they require to make informed decisions regarding the future of psychedelic medicine in Canada." 

After the Phase I safety trial’s success, the company was aiming for a more substantial and demographically-specific Phase II psilocybin study. "We unanimously decided that the pandemic has tremendously impacted frontline healthcare providers, and as such, …

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