The popular saying, “it takes ten years to become an overnight success,” couldn’t be truer of both the cannabis industry and the man behind one of its most internationally recognized brands.           

Michael Stramietis, or BigMike as his 2.4 million social media followers call him, is a cannabis entrepreneur, influencer and CEO who has dedicated a substantial part of his life to improving how to grow cannabis.

To that end, BigMike founded Advanced Nutrients, a top-selling brand of fertilizers and additives for cannabis growers. Founded in 1999, the company has gained global recognition with a presence in 115 countries. It consistently makes over $173 million in annual revenue.

Now, BigMike is looking for the next big industry player through his reality TV show featuring himself and a cast of savvy cannabis entrepreneurs. “The Next Marijuana Millionaire,” which is translated into 30 different languages premiered exclusively on the G4+ app on August 16 with new episodes released every Thursday.

Ahead of the series release, sitting in Barcelona – Advanced Nutrients’ European base – BigMike shared some wisdom gleaned from his 20-year run as a legal marijuana kingpin and how that propelled him to his new TV show.

In a conversation with Benzinga, Straumietis explained that the idea for a reality TV contest show grew out of his own dissatisfaction with the way the community is typically portrayed in mainstream media.

“I did ‘The Next Marijuana Millionaire’ because I looked at a lot of the cannabis-related TV shows out there and they were stereotypical, and it was negative. And I said, that's not our community. That's not what we're actually about,” Straumietis said.

This inspired him to create a program that “shows cannabis in a true light and in a respectful manner,” getting away from the …

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