When announcing his proposal to forgive federal student loans, President Joe Biden said the intention was to help minimize the racial wealth disparity in the U.S. 

However, one important detail regarding a crucial component of the plan wasn't mentioned at the time: loan forgiveness for convicted drug offenders who were denied federal financial aid, including Pell Grants.

According to the Associated Press, those who wanted to go to college after serving time had no choice but to take on "larger, often predatory, private student loans."

In 2020, the ban on Pell Grants for people who served prison time was finally lifted, but those who took out loans prior to the repeal were "disproportionately shut out" of Biden's plan, the report continued.

The situation serves as yet another example of the negative effects the so-called "war on drugs" — a U.S. legislative agenda that Biden supported back when he was a senator.

And the legislation didn’t affect all people equally. Black and Latino men were the ones who suffered the most, because …

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