A former employee of Ascend Wellness Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: AAWH) is suing the multi-state cannabis operator, arguing she was harassed and discriminated against by management because of her race and then unfairly fired.

What happened: The former Ascend employee states in the lawsuit that her termination and the “hostile work environment she experienced, were motivated in whole or in part by their (the defendants) implicit and explicit biases against Black people,” reported NJ and that the company violated New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination. The lawsuit also alleges that upper-level managers at Ascend “knew or should have known about the violations,” yet allowed the discrimination to occur and indeed participated in it. 

The former worker was terminated after two written warnings for violations of attendance and dress code policies. She claims she was unjustly targeted for alleged violations of the policies and that the dress code was disproportionately enforced against Black women.

The defendants deny all allegations and claim to be “without knowledge or information sufficient to form a …

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