This article was originally published on Weedmaps, and appears here with permission.

Quarantine has been tough on everyone, and we're all looking for activities to safely enjoy at home. One of those activities is playing card games with the homies. It's become something of a soothing vibe with people as of late. 

When it comes to card games, most of them require a little bit of strategy and forethought to win. Games like Monopoly Deal, the quick-and-easy card version of Monopoly, and Uno, the quick-and-easy card version of ending friendships, not only test your critical thought abilities, but also how well you can dominate your loved ones while talking down to them.

For situations like the above, there are plenty of weed strains to enhance the experience. And while most weed will work just fine — because sometimes a good high is just a good high — there are several strains out there that might work better than others for game night. 

Strains that will help you focus, make you feel more creative, or simply make you feel more social are great options in this case. Here are a few that you should cop before your next round of Settlers (real ones know).

Uno: Cinex 

Right off the bat, we've got Cinex, a sativa-dominant cross of Cinderella 99 and Vortex. It has a strong lemony fragrance …

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