The Sessions Effect on Mariuana Stocks

When California legalized weed, I thought we would be seeing the beginning of the ascension of pot stocks. Then Donald Trump was elected President and the share price of weed stocks dropped. When The Donald announced the appointment of Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General, cannabis stocks dropped again.

Each time cannabis stocks appear to move higher, Jeff Sessions publicly reaffirms his goals to eradicate legal cannabis operations in the untied states, thus driving the value of weed stocks down.

Over time the value of these stocks eventually goes back up. I’ve observed that Listening to Jeff Sessions is a great way to buy stocks. Each time Jeff Sessions makes a public statement about going after legal marijuana operations, look for an entry point as weed stocks are sure to dip. Buy low, sell high.

How long can we use Jeff Sessions Hostility to buy marijuana stocks? Time will only tell. Given the inability of the Trump administration to keep staff, it doesn’t seem like Jeff Sessions will be around much longer.

While Jeff Sessions continues to dig heals into the ground and go against the will of the majority, use him and his arrogant positions on marijuana to buy your stocks at low prices. The rest of the world is continuing to move forward in legalizing marijuana and legitimizing a multibillion-dollar industry.

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