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One thing I look for in cannabis stocks is a real tangible product. So many companies have “products in the pipeline”, yet noting on sale. You look at their products and only see computer generated bottles and tubes. That isn’t the case with ADVT. I can tell you that ADVT’s Amster-Can is legit.

I contacted ADVT’s Natural Elements to attain a can as part of my own research on this security. I spoke with a representative from the dispensary who was very happy to help me attain a can for my own medical necessities. The cost? $50.

As long as you live in California, you can get access to one of these clever little cans. You might call this weed for preppers because what you will receive is a perfectly packed can of quality herb (your choice of indica, sativa or hybrid), that will keep fresh for up to five years!

I went with the OG Kush. What I received included a couple of bonus items, a lighter and a potent edible. The herb was cured well and of good quality. My only recommendation would be to get the cannabinoid levels displayed on the cans along with lab verification that no pesticide residue is present, like they require in Colorado and Washington.

That being said, this is a great product for people on the go or for survivalist who’d like to have their pot along with their other rations when the word comes to an end.

As the industry expands, it is good to see another company with their fingers in the pot. Recreational marijuana was approved by the voters in the largest economy in the United States (6th largest economy in the world), companies like ADVT are on the ground floor of a billion dollar industry. ADVT is the real deal if you’re looking to invest in companies that actually grow, process and/or sell cannabis.

Disclosure: I wrote this article myself and I purchased the Amster-Can with my own money. I did not receive any monetary compensation from ADVT or Natural Elements in exchange for this article. I own shares of ADVT

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