By Javier Hasse and Franca Quarneti via El Planteo

Mauricio Ramos Salazar, also known as @Lima or Osito Lima, is a gamer ambassador for the NFT video game, Axie Infinity, in Latin America. Mauricio also carries out important solidarity work in his country of origin, Peru, for which he gained notoriety on social networks.

In an intimate chat with El Planteo during the “Unified” blockchain festival, the influencer spoke about the blockchain-based video game that is revolutionizing the crypto community. He also talked about his personal tastes when it comes to playing traditional video games, about his relationship with cannabis and much, much more.

“Axie Infinity is a digital nation. It could also be known as the most successful NFT game and the largest collection of NFTs on planet Earth,” Lima began.

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And he continued, celebrating the community that orbits around the video game: “But more than that, it is a great family that is constantly growing, going through difficulties together. The community is the most important thing.”

—How is this new type of video game …

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