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The SEC has warned investors to stay away from "Pot Stocks", because of a "high potential for fraud". This ominous warning from the SEC sounds like bad news except for the fact that the SEC and much of our government have ZERO credibility when it comes to putting the public first.

Let me remind you that this is the same SEC that looked the other way and protected the criminals while Bernie Madoff pulled off the biggest PONZI SCAM in US history.

RollingStones Matt Taibbi wrote a detailed article about the level of rampant corruption at the SEC calling the organization, "worse than corrupt" and "aggressively clueless".

When speaking about the whole Madoff PONZI SCAM, Forbes magazine stated: "the SEC emerges from the affair not so much incompetent, as many have charitably assumed, but corrupt."

The fact is that not one important person has been held responsible for the financial collapse of 2008 (which destroyed the economy), but yet the government threw most of it's resources to protect the American people from dangerous financial terrorist like Martha Stuart and Lance Armstrong.

The pattern of corruption alone is chilling and should signal to every investor just exactly who the SEC and the majority of the government is working for.

Who did worse for the economy? Martha Stuart, Lance Armstrong or those who caused the collapse of 2008? The government is so rife with corruption it appears only the small financial criminals get busted while the real criminals go scott free. But that is okay because we are changing it.

The government is running scared on Marijuana because they're about to lose control of their prohibition cash cow. You would not believe how much the DEA alone makes off of asset forfeiture. This is why we've seen prohibition zealot and anti-critical thinking DEA head cheif Michelle Leonhart attack the will of the voting people of Kentucky by preventing hemp seeds to be delivered. Heck, by blocking hemp seeds from Kentucky, she's ignored congress.

The fact is that it is the golden rule when it comes to the government policy. He with the gold makes the rules. (The Citizens United ruling by The Supreme Court only validates this fact.) By investing in marijuana stocks or stocks that related to marijuana we are pooling our gold in order to rewrite the rules so that prohibition may become a thing of the past. The government does not want you or me to pool our power to rewrite the rules, so they're attacking pot stocks.

Queue the ambulance chasers. - The SEC Barks, Their Minions Answer

Just look with your own eyes and google one of the firms suing GrowLife: The Rosen Law Firm.

The Rosen Law Firm has also announced Class Action Lawsuits and investigations against a bunch of Securities. These companies include but are no means limited to:

Is Rosen Law Firm illegally trying to lower the price of GrowLife Stock by launching what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit? It appears that they specifically target stocks with legal action, is this how they make their money, by manipulating the value of the securities that they litigate against? Are they really trying to "protect" investors or are they just trying to manipulate the market? It appears to me the lawyers are trying and succeeding to manipulate the price of PHOT stock.

Prior to the corrupt SEC getting involved and the resulting trainload of litigious attorneys, my PHOT stock was up over 700% and then 800%. However, due to the interference from the SEC and all of the questionable "investigations" and lawsuits that have been initiated by questionable firms such as The Rosen Law Firm, my own PHOT stock is now down -17.21% I have only lost money due to interference from the SEC, The Rosen Law Firm and all the other firms who appear to be purposely trying to devalue PHOT. If anything, these law firms should be investigated for manipulating the value of PHOT stock.

Anyone who is suing over these types of securities has forgotten that the stock market is gambling. It would be like suing a casino for not winning when you put your quarter in the slot machine. It's ridiculous!!! I for one will definitely NOT seek to join any class action against PHOT. I urge other investors to do the same. Do not feed the ambulance chasers.

Remember the simple rules to investing. Buy low and sell high. Though I am bummed to see marijuana stocks are down, I see this as an opportunity to pick-up more wining stocks such as PHOT while the prices are low.

GrowLife has reported a 213% increase in Q1 revenue! In my own humble opinion, this stock is currently undervalued. Even with all the ambulance chasers, I rate GrowLife as a buy for my own portfolio.

Remember the government doesn't want Marijuana to be legal. They will fight it with every tool that they have, that includes the SEC! The SEC cannot be trusted!

mCig – A Sweet Little Vaporizer  One-Hitter for Ten Bucks! …

Disclosure: I own shares of mCig

For 10 bucks, you can’t go wrong this discreet smoking device… This device is well made and does its job. However, no matter how you use it (with or without the glass inserts), the mCig is more of a one-hitter than a true vaporizer…

This is due to the fact that the way this product is designed, the heating element will come into direct contact with any material you put into the chamber. Direct contact with the herb, oils or wax will cause these materials to burn, as you can see by the black soot on this heating coil after one use.heating-element

The point in vaporizing is to release the beneficial compounds without burning them and creating those nasty carcinogens. Just like cooking on an electric stove, you can burn your something with the electric coil, so unfortunately this device burns more than it Vaporizes.

That being said, this device functions great as a little sneak-a-toke. After my evaluation of the mCig, I gave it to a friend who reported back that the little mCig was perfect for that quick discreet puff…  

What mCig needs to do in order to make this product into a true vaporizer is provide an insulator to go over the heating coil. Heating an insulator would then allow the mCig to heat the chamber to a more uniform temperature. A more uniform temperature is key to proper vaporization.


The potential for a great product is there. Some people cannot afford $100 for a pen vape. The cost of cartridges can add up, plus a lot of us don’t like inhaling glycerin. Already well made, the potential to improve this product is there…

As a stock, it’s a very good sign that they’ve sold out of mCig, my own mCig order took weeks to arrive due to demand.

This Vita-Cig spin-off thing is interesting. I wonder what vitamins are beneficial to take in vapor form as opposed taking them orally? An ingredient that mCig should add to their Vita-Cig is CBD hemp oil. It’s legal in all 50 states.

It’s early in the game, this is a young company to boot. mCig reported their first profit in history on 3/19/14.  They have then reported record sales. Will this sales streak continue? Vaporizers are hot. I see them everywhere will mCig continue to ride this wave by working to improving their product? Time will only tell. At this time I am neutral on mCig. 

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